We are immersed in an energy field whose influences are mostly used by the impersonal or subconscious part of our being, which is why we're usually not aware of this activity.

Under certain circumstances, these influences activate specific processes and functions of our esential constitution. At the same time, the operations thus stimulated silently help us to tend to the different aspects of our affairs, according to the type of influence that is in effect at a particular moment.

As I mentioned before, this all happens in the subconscious area of our being, which is why our conscious mind, our Ego, usually does not discern it. This unawareness, along with the freedom of choice that we have, unfortunately, without wanting to and without noticing it, allows us to act against the help that our subconscious functions want to provide us with. And this, too many times, is what keeps us from progressing and living well.

In Astronica, the subconscious and impersonal part of our integral being is called Essence, and our Ego, our conscious mind, is called Persona. Therefore, our Essence is the part of our self that complies with and makes good use of the mentioned influences. Whereas, our Persona tries to move ahead in life according to what we have been taught, what we like or fear, and what we have learned along the way.

Among other things, our Essence tries to help us get to know and assume our Ideal Line of Work and later on, our Life Purpose. It does this with the help of a dozen or so inborn attributes and qualities that we have, all the time abiding the umbrella of energy-forces that covers us all.

Meanwhile, our Persona, which usually doesn't know, or doesn't believe, that it's linked to our Essence, nor that there are natural influences that condition our behavior, tries to "guess in an educated way" what we should do to move ahead. The problem is that many times the line of action chosen by our Persona (that is, by our conscious mind), unknowingly undermines the wise and well-aimed action of our Essence. This, in short, is the real cause of all of our problems; it's the main reason why we don't get ahead in life.

But, if our Persona decided to act in accordance with what our Essence suggests (and must abide by), we'd finally advance in a healthful, productive and successful way. If we dared to find out and bring forth what, owed to our intrinsic and unchangeable design, we should do, making good use of our true qualities and skills, and in accordance with what the natural, ever-changing influences awaken in us, then —and only then— will we attain the success, happiness and prosperity that life can give us. Our destiny is in our own hands.

This is what Astronica is all about: the way it can help us live in harmony with the Universal Principles that govern our environment, along with everything it contains and even our individual self. This is the help you can get from all the information and apps of this website. Make an effort to use them in your own life.

By the way, the investigations that are being realized by the modern Chronobiology, step by step confirm the existence of invisible and intangible energy-forces that influence our molecular, genetic and psychological processes. This is good news for Astronica, as it strengthens the premises of what it has been applying for many years.

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